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VeloSante is a cycling services company that produces safe, custom cycling tours and event support for retailers, teams, clubs, organizations and groups of cycling enthusiasts.

Premier cycling destinations include the Natchez Trace Parkway, Blue Ridge Parkway, Skyline Drive, Florida's Hill Country and the northern tier of the United States.

Part of the year is focused on producing the Big Ride Across America, a 3300 mile, 48 day bicycle event.  A percentage of the proceeds is donated to a charitable organization.

VeloSante is a small company focused on personalized service.  Clients deal directly with the owners, Charlton DuRant and Lynn Petrotte.

Charlton DuRant

Cycling took a strong hold on Charlton in his youth as he spent six years, including high school, in Europe riding, racing and commuting. A few highlights of his cycling experiences include: Bicycle messenger in New York City, manager of two bike shops and part owner of a third, organizer for the Tour DuPont and the 1996 Atlanta Olympics Torch Relay, coach, promoter of United States Cycling Federation training camps and races. Charlton directs the Big Ride Across America. 

Lynn Petrotte 

Lynn has enjoyed the freedom of bicycling since she was a child.  In 2000, she achieved her goal of riding every mile of the Big Ride Across America.  Lynn has developed into an enthusiastic fitness/commuter/mountain bike rider. She is fluent in Spanish and has a M.Ed. in Bilingual Administration.  When not cycling, Lynn occasionally works as a watersports guide and instructor, studies yoga, plays in the outdoors and explores new places.  She also dabbles in wholesome cuisine and is a gracious host. Lynn handles administration for VeloSante and is assistant director of the Big Ride Across America.


Together, Charlton and Lynn find their bliss while bikepacking in beautiful places.






VeloSante offers custom cycling trips and cycling support services for events, clubs and enthusiasts.  

We offer

  • Custom Tours 
  • Route Planning
  • Logistical Support
  • Camping Concierge Services
  • Luggage Transfer/Valet Services  
  • Event Production Services 
  • Bicycle Shipping 
  • SAG 


Is your club or group looking for custom support for you next cycling trip? Contact VeloSante for custom support.  Our 15-passenger van, with roof racks, both 9 and 13 foot cargo trailers and logistical support experience will be sure to enhance your event.​  Contact us to discuss custom trip opportunities.


VeloSante's exclusive bicycle valet service is available for cyclists traveling by air. Bicycle door to door pick up and transport to ride destination is provided.  This allows riders to fly with their carry on only, and not hassle with a bike box, or risk damage to their bike.  Clients are reunited with their bikes at the predetermined location, (designated point of origin for the custom trip).  VeloSante's valet service saves riders time, money and provides peace of mind.​


VeloSante Cycling Services ​

Charlton DuRant & Lynn Petrotte 




Rider Comments

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I was delighted with the 1 st class service you provided . The personal attention on
this ride was truly amazing. I appreciated you providing all the products to clean and
lube my bike after the rain .There was sand and grit in all the wrong places.   Don’t
hesitate to engage Velo Sante for your next biking adventure.
Truly , Jerry W.  - Bike Florida Sand & Stars Spring Tour 


So, if you are going on a bike trip & VeloSante is supporting it, only a fool isn't going to reserve their services.  It was fantastic.  Charlton & Lynn are the freaking bomb of service.  I now have new names to add to my list of friends.  Thanks! dp

Thank you for everything! It was a real pleasure to meet you both.  You are an incarnation of "delighting the customer".  Beyond making arrangements for providing a bike and door-to-door transportation, your warm welcome each day added an extra dimension to the trip.  And no one can beat Charlton's vignettes from his past when it comes to scintillating conversation!  Thank you so much for making this a wonderful trip.  I hope to join you again on another trip.   -Barbara

Thank you, you made my dream come true. - Big Rider Alumni

The Natchez trip is one of the best biking experiences that I have ever had.  Lynn and Charlton did an outstanding job with all aspects of the trip. Everything was well organized and planned.  I would not hesitate to book another trip with them.  – Flint Wiles

I thought I'd better write and thank you for helping make the Big Ride so special, because when I tried to tell you in person I started crying and couldn't get the words out. ... it was extremely difficult, extraordinarily fun, interesting, fulfilling…. The trip wouldn’t have gone nearly so well under anyone else’s leadership.  So thank you very much.  -2012 Big Rider

Charlton and Lynn are so very friendly and accommodating.  Their knowledge of cycling is unparalleled, and during the 2013 version of the Florida Bike SAFARI they met my every need.  I will definitely be a repeat customer.  – Len

The best thing about the trip was the incredible amount of personal attention that you lavished upon us.  If any of us even whispered that we had a concern, you were right on it. I have never been on a ride with this level of personal attention.   I would enthusiastically recommend VeloSante to others. -John, Grand Rapids, MI

We all talked about how well cared for we felt, and how you both removed all concerns... a great trip run by great people. Thank you so much! -Kathleen K.

You guys were truly amazing to be with these past 7 weeks.  I owe my safety, my well-being, and the time of my life to you guys.  – Cara

It was a great trip and a nice way to experience the south!  Beautiful scenery, wonderful company, great weather, delicious food, easy riding and good road surfaces with little traffic. Plus, it was a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with fellow Big Riders and reminisce about the Big Ride experience.  (And I loved Charlton's jokes!) -Daria Kurkjy

The personal attention was beyond belief.  I felt very well cared for, but not rushed, while on the road. Thanks!!!  -Margaret Peters

You went out of your way to accommodate us, from the unplanned stop at Elvis’s birthplace to satisfy Erin, to the stop at Brian’s school so we could see the murals, to the extra servings of Nutella (yuck! I say) to please Darya and the others. We never felt rushed or harried, because you were well organized and timed things right.  The road was ideal for riding and the distances about right. The group size was perfect – small enough to get to know everyone and large enough not to get sick of anyone.  I feel very lucky to have become your customer, and your friend.   Fondly, Glenn  

     Charlton and Lynn,  I met up today with three of the 2012 Big Riders, Molly, Cookie, and Rick who are doing the Pacific Coast charity ride.  Coincidently, I met up yesterday with a friend’s daughter who had just completed a cross country bicycle ride and shared her experience.  What came to my mind was that, upon reflection, you and Charlton did an absolute amazing job on leading the Big Ride.  You started by scouting out the ride before we left on our journey, you built a team of riders through some tough love at the beginning, you scouted the ride again each day, and you were there for any issues which came about during the actual bike riding.  Molly, Cookie and Rick all noticed the differences in their current ride and commented, "It’s not the Big Ride" not referring to the trip, but to the level of support you all provided. 

    It was easy to just ride each day without any thought about logistics, and I think that we just didn't know had good we had it because we had nothing with which to compare your level of effort.  Certainly we all appreciated at the time how easy each day was to get from point a to point b, but without any comparison, we didn't really know how truly superior your effort was.  Just thought you should know that we all really appreciate how you went above and beyond just running a bike tour, and I promise to stop complaining the next time I ride with you. -Rob,   8/2016 (Big Ride 2012 and Big Ride 2014)


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Big Ride


Big Ride Across America is a seven week, 3,300 mile, fully supported bicycle ride from Seattle, Washington to Washington D.C.  What began as a charity bicycle event in the 1990s as a fundraiser for the American Lung Association has become a cross-country trek steeped in rich tradition.  People throughout the world have participated in the Big Ride as cyclists, volunteers and donors. The Big Ride challenges the body, mind and spirit.

Event Details

  • 48 day, 3,300 mile, cycling adventure from Seattle WA to Washington D.C. across the northern tier of the USA
  • 48 Days on the road
  • 8 Rest Days (Spokane WA, Missoula MT, Billings MT, Rapid City SD, New Ulm MN, Madison WI, Sandusky OH & Gettysburg PA)
  • All lodging & meals included (except Rest Day meals). 
  • Fully supported event – gear & provisions transport, SAG vehicles, basic mechanical assistance 
  • Monthly Big Rider conference calls
  • Big Rider Handbook
  • Big Ride Across America cycling jersey
  • Limited to 30 participants

Big Ride Across America – the Ride of a Lifetime!

​Special thanks to MotorLine and Marich Confectionery, our generous sponsors

For more info contact:

(828)545- 1039

What's happening with the Big Ride Across America? The Big Ride is seeking a not for profit partner and route revisions are underway to make the Big Ride safer and better than ever.  


Bikepacking the GDMBR

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CNC M2C 2019



Our Premium Concierge Package at the 2019 CNC M2C is sold out. 

VeloSante is happy to offer participants in the 2019 CNC M2C our Premium Concierge Package.  

This service is available to cyclists who prefer to use their own camping gear, and would like to enjoy more support, comfort and convenience during the event.

Q:  What is included in VeloSante's Premium Concierge Package at the CNC "Mountains to Coast" ride?

A:   Luggage Valet:  two (2) duffle bags securely closed and one (1) folding camp chair in a sleeve.  Note: Bags transfered to main camping locations only.  No luggage delivery to hotels or alternative locations.  Service begins Sunday morning.

~ Space in Cooler:  One cubic foot ( approximately the size of one six pack)

~ Ice for individual beverages

~ Shaded Sitting Area for relaxation and relief from the weather elements

~ Recharging Station in a safe protected area

~ Secure Bicycle Corral locked during the night

~ Basic Mechanical Assistance:  bike workstand, floor pumps, chain lube, minor adjustments

~ Morning Beverage Service:  Press Pot coffee to get your day off to a great start!  Tea and herb tea available too.

Q:  Where does the VeloSante Premium Concierge Package start and end?

A:  Service begins in Blowing Rock on the first riding day, Sunday, September 29, with luggage drop off and coffee/tea. It concludes in Atlantic Beach on Sunday, October 6, after our Morning Beverage Service (prior to bus departure).

Q:  What is the price for the 2019 Premium Concierge Package?

A:  $145

Q:  How can I sign up for the VeloSante Premium Conciege Package at the CNC Mountains to Coast Ride?  

A:  Please send an email to with your reservation request and cell phone number.  We will then respond with our current seasonal address to which you may mail your check.  Upon receipt, we will email a confirmation of your reservation.

Thank you for considering VeloSante's Premium Concierge Package at this year's CNC Mountains to Coast ride.  

Our Premium Concierge Package at the 2019 CNC M2C is sold out.

Charlton DuRant and Lynn Petrotte, VeloSante

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We would love to hear from you!  To sign up for an a tour or an event, please send us an email or call.

VeloSante Cycling Services

Charlton DuRant & Lynn Petrotte

(828) 545-1039




VS Support History

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Big Ride Across America

Bike Florida

Florida Bicycle Safari

Bike Ride Across Tennessee (BRAT)

Ride the Fault Line

Road Titans 300


Highlands Bike Fest

Gran Fondo National Series (on going)

CNC M2C (on going)

Bike Virginia (on going)

Bike Virginia 2020

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New for Bike Virginia 2020 - VeloSante's Morning Coffee and Tea Service, including French Press Pot Coffee!

VeloSante ​is pleased to provide concierge camping services at the 2020 Bike Virginia.   Our services are designed to enhance your Bike Virginia experience so you can spend more time relaxing and having fun! 

The Bike Virginia Tour will be held June 19-24, 2020 in the beautiful Farmville-Prince Edward region of the state.  Learn more about the 2020 Bike Virginia tour and register at  See VeloSante's camping concierge service under Sleep - Outdoors - Assisted Camping.

The VeloSante Full Concierge Camping Package

This full service option includes a spacious Kelty 6-person tent (for one or two occupants), air mattress (queen or twin), camp chair, daily cotton towel and washcloth service, luggage transfer, charging station, secure bicycle corral, mechanical assistance (tire pump, chain lube, minor adjustments), afternoon refreshments, and (new this year) morning coffee and tea service. VeloSante sets up and takes down your tent accommodations at both camping locations. [Please note: You are responsible for your own bedding material, such as pillows, sheets and blankets.]

Service Options

Five (5) Nights (Friday 10:00 AM 6/19 through Wednesday afternoon 6/23)

Single occupancy… $440 [queen or twin air mattress]

Double occupancy…$525 [one queen or two twin air mattresses]

Three (3) Nights 

Single occupancy… $365 [queen or twin air mattress]

Double occupancy…$455 [one queen or two twin air mattresses]

Two (2) Nights 

Single occupancy...$335 [queen or twin air mattress]

Double occupancy…$415 [one queen or two twin air mattresses]

Note:  Trip insurance is always highly recommended!


To initiate a reservation for the VeloSante camping concierge package, email us at  Please specify the number of nights you would like services along with your preference for a queen or twin air mattress(s).  We will respond with our mailing address for payment.

Questions?  Feel free to contact us by email, text of phone.  We look forward to helping make this your most enjoyable Bike Virginia experience ever.

Charlton DuRant & Lynn Petrotte,

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